I grew up in a house where Friday was chore day.  We took turns in each room and never got an allowance for that work.  At 16 I got a job,  and started paying for things myself.  At 18, I lived on my own,  with my own car payment,  apartment rent,  and credit cards.  

What I learned from that is how to appreciate what I had,  what I bought,  and it instilled a good work ethic in me. 

Today with my own five kids, Friday is chore day, or deep cleaning day if you will. They each have assigned rooms,  and in any given month they only clean each room once.  

Now you might be thinking,  “if they have chores shouldn’t they be getting a  allowance?”  My answer is no. These are chores they have to contribute to the family. The bathrooms,  the kitchen,  the living room — all rooms they make messes in.  

Now,  this is not to say my kids can’t EARN money by doing things around the house not included in weekly chores.   My fourteen-year-old regularly helps me in the yard and earns money that way. Yesterday my ten-year-old wanted extra money to buy a case for the tablet that I purchased for her. So she decided to help bleach the grout in the kitchen that needed to be done desperately.

My thoughts are not giving them allowance for these weekly chores comes from the fact that it is still a weekly battle to get them to do things and do them correctly.  It is my job as a parent to prepare my kids for adult life.  If a manager had to reprimand my children like I do…THEY WOULD BE FIRED!  

While yes, I take into consideration their ages with what my expectations are,  a 7th grader and freshman in high school should be able to complete tasks correctly.  As should my senior in high school, as he is actually old enough to HAVE a job.  

Now, my two older boys do a good job at this point.  However, even for these weekly chores I still do not give them monetary allowance. Rather they get allowance in cell phones,  rides to friends’ houses, and trips to numerous places for fun…all at my expense. 

I feel if they want more,  they should DO more. Pull some weeds,  paint the deck,  scrub the kitchen fan which has started growing things.  Earn it.  Learn a new task.  Grow your work ethic.  Become more productive.  Life doesn’t have hand outs.  

And that is why my kids do not get an allowance! 

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