Jennifer is the mother of five children, ages ranged from teenagers to six years old.  Her and her husband have been together for 18 years.  She wears many hats, but is currently an actress/model in the Chicago region, as well as a part time bartender to help make those ends meet.

She has also been a high school and substitute teacher, office manager, and stay at home mom.  She spends hours a week menu planning, shopping, and cooking for her large family of 7.

On top of that, Jennifer loves to host and will take holidays to the extreme!  She loves to decorate and make memories for her and her guests.  With those memories, she creates scrapbooks.  Each of her kids will have around 10 completed books for their childhoods to take with them when they own their own homes  in the future.  There are plenty of tips to be learned in the parenting department as well!  Raising five kids will teach you a thing or two!

If she isn’t doing any of that, or spending family time at the zoo or the amusement park, she is spending hours and hours in the yard with flower beds, pots, and garden.

Feel free to follow Jennifer and learn some recipes, menu planning tricks, DIY decorating tricks, home repair tips, gardening ideas, and parenting advice!